Reading Energy: Body Spirit Connection

Energy Readings support your spiritual practice.

Your universe is a pretty big place. Our intention is to validate how well it's running. We believe that your world runs on love and that love balances nature, all nature.

We will read your energy, tell you where it's blocked and why. We can try to answer all of your concerns with advising what you should or could do, that'll be up to you.

Professional readings are generally 45 minutes for $60. Include astrology for $100 They are not taped.

Regarding astrology;
Astrology readings are governed by the same principles where the information is provided without predictive advice.
It's your universe and the choices you make are yours, and when all is said and done you will be able to say, 'it was my choice.'

We have both practiced astrology for 4 over decades.


Healing's are approximately 15 minutes. The Aura healing proceeds all other healing's. You may want to 2, possibly 3.
  • Aura healing - cleansing and clearing the aura, as way to feel more grounded.
  • Female or Male healing - cleansing and clearing energy specifically for your gender. Its the ultimate kindness for your female or male body.
  • Kundalini healing - a way to increase your life source.
  • Healing the Lungs - got a cough, come see us
  • Healing the Cell -
  • Healing the Skin - Sun burn, scrapes, bruises
  • TM healing - Students have access to TM healing's
  • Astral body healing's

Fee: all healing's are by donation.

To learn how to give any of these healing's please contact Cheryl


My goodness, this 40 days is brilliant!
I really enjoy the morning group. I feel much less fear and much more hope and love. I would like to meet with you & God regularly for healings, now that I've decided to live. I might just have to book you and pay for my own intensive if you're into it. I can hardly wait til you're here. Can you bring Trish & Louise & Sharon please?

Karen BA MEd

What have I taken from the meditation classes
Including the 40 day meditation? Ha!

Nothing short of a life change. There were difficult times because I had spent over 50 years being so comfortable in my old and familiar ways that I had my resistant and angry moments. But - The resistance opened to the Ahh Haa tearful moments - no comparable experience and this


Hello Cheryl:
I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for this 40 days class. I really love who I am becoming, and I cherish my deeper knowingness of my Creator!

I am so grateful for your commitment to all of us. Your passion for being there and showing up for your students (and me) truly takes my breath away, as I know I am safe and you will hold that place for me to rise up again, and again, and again, to see the sun shining!