Community Sundays

1st and 3rd Sundays 9:45 am ~ 11:30 July 7, 21
Beginning again in September 8, 15

10:00 am ~ 12:00 add Buttermilk or Gluten free Pancakes. By donation.

All monies raised in the Worship Space go to DES
All are welcome. Stay for a little, or stay as long as you like.

Readings and Distant Healings are also available on skype.

What is a Healing?
All that a healing means is to make a change. Moving toward more of your natural state of flow and to experience your energy. Amusement is the first emotion high enough to allow any degree of real change to occur.

We are not replacing your health care provider, however we may put a smile on your face. And a reading may put a song in your heart.

Please note: You are welcome to come for breakfast. Taking part in the healings and readings (IS) not required!

Whether new, or one of the regulars, we support you in knowing and healing self as spirit in a body. We are not aligned with any particular religious denomination. All faith journeys are sacred and all are welcome. Distance Healings can also be arranged. We have an ongoing "Distance Healing List." You are welcome to add the names of your loved ones to the list. We will send them a distance healing and/or prayer to support their healing.

This is a COMMUNITY SUNDAY - please feel free to share, market your creations and/or advertise your services.