Testimonials for Self Awareness Classes

Highly recommended
Over the years I've participated in Cheryl's Classes a number of times. Each one was a new and rewarding experience. Previously invisible Burdens were lifted each time, freeing up more energy for my own life. Cheryl is an exceptional creative and compassionate teacher who shares her wisdom and humour.

Lafern Page, BEd, MA (Counselling Psychology, U.B.C.)

Hello Cheryl:
I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for this 40 days class. I really love who I am becoming, and I cherish my deeper knowingness of my Creator!

I am so grateful for your commitment to all of us. Your passion for being there and showing up for your students (and me) truly takes my breath away, as I know I am safe and you will hold that place for me to rise up again, and again, and again… to see the sun shining!



What have I taken from the meditation classes
Including the 40 day meditation? Ha!

Nothing short of a life change. There were difficult times because I had spent over 50 years being so comfortable in my old and familiar ways that I had my resistant and angry moments. But - The resistance opened to the Ahh Haa tearful moments — no comparable experience — and this is where the healing started.

I live with self certainty more and more, and I just stand taller. My heart looks through eyes with so much love, compassion, trust (a big one for me), and I find out that I really am what I receive back - at all times. My relationships to anyone are so much more open and clean. Honesty. Another big one for me was accepting self-responsibility - and boy does that give me a smack of honesty amidst the growing self awareness.

Then there is the journey with God, or 'a being bigger than myself'.
I always think of me, the boat hull and osmosis. The longer I sit with something, the sooner it is mine and I will continue to sit for a long time 'cause there is always more. So my journey continues.



Cheryl was recommended to me as I was reeling…
From finding out that I have brain cancer on top of the MS I already knew about. After connecting with Cheryl I received a healing that I can still feel if I close my eyes, and I came to understand that I don't have to just curl up and die — there is another way — getting to know myself, my feelings, and how I am connected to the whole of creation.

I started with Class 1 in the spring of 2012 and since then I've attended two 40 Day classes. I was told that lives can change in just 40 days of daily group meditation, and I completely agree now that I have done it. At the most intense moments and in the grip of serious emotions we are reminded of amusement or a funny joke breaks the tenseness so we can learn and be amused (neutral) at the same time.

My husband, who is a scientist, noticed the difference in my energy after my first meeting with Cheryl and has encouraged me along this path.

I learned several things that have changed my outlook and understanding of this world:

  1. You can step out of a story in your life that was painful… literally imagine yourself stepping out. It works
  2. I spent one 40 Days class trying to forgive my mom and because of the intention, resources and support I received I feel neutral about my mom much more of the time
  3. The second 40 Days class I worked on my relationship with my teenager, and through that intention, we don't fight as much. On several of the 40 days, I gave a spirit-to-spirit "hello" to my teenager and this helped me to see she is not me but is rather a sovereign being and yet connected to me. She is one of the loves of my life
  4. On some days, we had to think of someone in the past 24 hours that had been generous with us or that we were grateful for and often I thought of my younger daughter. Then we said a spirit-to-spirit 'thank you'.

It was good to remember the blessings in my life. Just the other day, I had a seizure which scared me. My daughter (10 yrs old) went to school and told her teacher, and then organized her entire class to write a 'get well' card for me. I am dumbfounded at her generosity. She is very grounded as a spirit and is always willing to share, whether it is pencil or her love. The 40 Days class helped me to recognize the love being shared with me from my younger daughter.

Honestly, I can't recommend the 40 Days course highly enough. They have helped me to be in my body and for that alone I continue with self awareness classes, personal healing or reading, etc.

I have found this entire experience has complemented my religion rather than competed with it. I think God calls all of us to broaden our understandings, to learn and experience all we can in this lifetime. The classes are taught with respect for all religions and includes prayers or readings that are inclusive. I have grown by leaps and bounds during my time in these courses.

Rev. Ann Buckmaster