Tree of Life

Intro to Classes

Soularsystem classes are used to support a spiritual practice for health and wellbeing

Happiness is an inside job.

It takes practice to bring that about, and a spiritual practice works quickly. Erosion of our spiritual selves can happen so easily. The erosion makes no noise, no announcement, it simply slips in. By participating in prayer and / or meditation you can keep your love alive.

If you keep a daily time to turn inside, this erosion disappears. Loving yourself and loving others becomes a priority. These are difficult times and what the world needs now is love sweet love.

Cheryl has been 'reading' energy for 30 years and astrology for 40. Readings are $1.00 a minute. All of the teachers, teaching the 40 Days have had years of practice.

For all classes or readings please call Cheryl 604.761.1998 (please note that the phone lines are tied up with classes until 10:30 AM Pacific Time), Zoom in; email or text Cheryl for the URL or drop by after covid