The 40 Days

The 40 Days is a daily guided meditation for an hour daily for 40 consecutive days. Please scroll down and see the topics for 2017. The 40 Days is such an in depth intense honest process that classes are never taped. People need to be free to speak their hearts.

There is a two week break between The 40 Days programs.
There may be a class 1 being offered during the break time.

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The 40 Days .

The Woman's 40 Days 2017
Sunday June 3 to Thursday July 13
Theme: 40 Days Loving 'Being' Female and Amusement

Are you tired of trying to fix BEING female. Are you wanting to love BEING female?
Are you so hormonal that you literally feel as if your emotions are bigger than YOU!
Would you prefer to accept and love yourself as you are.
There is nothing about you that needs fixing, nothing. Learn to love Being female during The Woman's 40 Days.

We will be using meditation for 40 Days for 1 hour daily, with the option of joining the 4: PM class for an additional hour. 6:00 pm is open for people that have not participated before.

When a group of women gather to take a step towards ‘Being the Love that they are, they can become pretty serious. We are teaching amusement along side the Woman's 40 Days.

The biggest game of the planet is male verses female. We will invite men along the way to support to be at peace with males. We will heal guilt and shame. We will step out of competition and all ego issues that prevent us from loving ourselves.

Guarantees generally only come with mufflers, however after this 40 Days I guarantee you will feel a beautiful love inside and out.

If you cannot tune in for all 40 Days, jump in when you can or please see the weekly classes.

Get cracking now on The Woman's 40 Days by giving yourself a gift everyday

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Monday to Friday 9:00 am 12:00 or 4:00.
For first time participants class is at 6:00 pm for the initial 10 days.
Pacific Daylight Time
Saturday 9:00 am & Sunday 9:00 am (45 min)

Pre requisite: Class 1
Fee: First time, $400.00
$300.00 to repeat The 40 Days

If you are a new student it is necessary that you participate
If you are new to The 40 Days it is necessary that you participate at 6:00 pm for the first 10 days and then you can decide the time of day you will attend.
During these classes you will learn how to be grounded in the present moment and how to clear the aura and chakras, along with some of the female pieces.
During this period of preparation you are learning how to be grounded in the present moment and how to clear the aura and clear the chakras. This is an extremely rewarding experience.

If you are not free May 26/27 create a one on one class schedule before May 27, please call Cheryl

Skype or in person at our home.

Validation for The Woman's 40 Days
"I've done the female class and The 40 Days many times, each better and deeper than the previous. The idea of giving my femaleness a deep, soulful hello of 40 Days sounds like a Forty Day spa with more than a happy ending. I can' wait!
This feels like an opportunity to heal some deep-seated programming, invalidation and pain. I have no idea who I will be at the end of this, but I wouldn't want miss the chance to meet her!

Sha-nnon Hart
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Over the phone, connecting to Skype name (clear.seeing), or in person (for those close by)
For the sake of your honesty and privacy the classes or readings are not taped.

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Class 1 "Spiritual Awareness Tools" is a pre-requisite for taking weekly meditations or The 40 Days.

2017 What we know at this point.
(within a group consensus the pm class may adapt to suit your schedule)

The First 40 Day Cycle: Creating 40 Days of Relationship Wholeness
From and including: Tuesday, September 05, 2017 To and including: Saturday, October 14, 2017
The Second 40 Day Cycle: 40 Days of Healing and Wellness
From and including: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 To and including: Sunday, December 10, 2017
The weekly classes will continue along with The 40 Days

Please register by calling Cheryl. 604-761-1998 or e-mail

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My goodness, this 40 days is brilliant!
I really enjoy the morning group. I feel much less fear and much more hope and love. I would like to meet with you & God regularly for healings, now that I've decided to live. I might just have to book you and pay for my own intensive if you're into it. I can hardly wait til you're here. Can you bring Trish & Louise & Sharon please?

Karen BA MEd

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What have I taken from the meditation classes
Including the 40 day meditation? Ha!

Nothing short of a life change. There were difficult times because I had spent over 50 years being so comfortable in my old and familiar ways that I had my resistant and angry moments. But - The resistance opened to the Ahh Haa tearful moments - no comparable experience and this


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Hello Cheryl:
I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for this 40 days class. I really love who I am becoming, and I cherish my deeper knowingness of my Creator!

I am so grateful for your commitment to all of us. Your passion for being there and showing up for your students (and me) truly takes my breath away, as I know I am safe and you will hold that place for me to rise up again, and again, and again, to see the sun shining!


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