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A Word About Advice

Advice is always invalidating to a client, even when they ask for your advice.
Predicting events and offering advice will limit the full range of choices a client has. Anytime a prediction is made then all of the different choices that exist will collapse into a single point of reference and only the prediction remains in a client's mind. This does not mean that the prediction becomes the reality in all instances, however, the more a client believes in the prediction the more it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Providing Choice
In contrast, providing choices is a more helpful way to assist a client. The movements of the planets through the signs is predictable and it can be known well in advance when a planet will form some kind of angular relationship in a person's horoscope and the value is in knowing the timing. But there is a bit more astrology provides than just the timing. For instance, Saturn has entered Sagittarius this year this provides some general information that is useful to us all for making long range plans. Just knowing that Saturn is about building structural boundaries and Sagittarius is about the universal freedom and vision - or the lack of truth and vision. How does building structure support freedom and vision - or not?

Life's experiences are often polarized and so we often deal with dichotomies that complicate our choices, or at least they seem to. But what if we can see and understand those choices in their basic terms? This is how astrology can help us understand the choices before us, and even to prepare well in advance.