Without Awareness There Are No Choices

As awareness grows then our choices in life expand and that is why the awareness of having choices is our key for changing our reality. To believe anything less is to accept our reality as being fated like the predictable and proven motion of the planets and signs.

Logical proof cannot be found that can answer all things about life

There are two reasons that we are aware of why this is so:
1. Logic is not the only thing at work in life - or the only thing that does work
2. If logic could explain everything then life would be totally predictable

Those two points are logical themselves and even so they present a mystery because we know there is more to life than logic, which is exactly the point being made. For the scientist on such a quest to reduce all understanding of life to some kind of logical order that can be proven they have to leave so much out of the equation. The equation of life in logical terms would have to be simplified like a caricature of life to avoid nonlinear equations that are the most difficult to solve but are otherwise ubiquitous in life.

In contrast to a predictable and logical hypothesis of life it is our experience that gives us a meaningful "slice of life" that often puts us in awe of the mysteries we discover. The mysteries we discover come along with the potential to learn, which is at least as infinite as the universe that keeps on expanding. What we can see about life is that it is many things happening all at once.

Astrology today
It is one thing to accurately predict the motion of the planets against the zodiac signs as they travel through the ecliptic, but it is quite another to predict the choices people make as cycles repeat themselves. Although many choices are made out of habit and therefore lend themselves more easily to prediction, it is a safe bet that people find all kinds of ways to be unpredictable about the choices they make.

The value of astrology comes by the timing of cycles, but not the predictions of events. The timing of the planetary orbits are precise and we can know when a celestial event takes place, plus we can know the human characteristics of the archetypes involved. This gives us choices to think about because every event brings its own set of parameters within which we make choices.

Synthesis is a process of blending influences
A parameter would simply be our boundary of knowledge about something. These boundaries of knowledge can be translated to a time and place where, say, Saturn is in the sign Sagittarius. This means that one set of knowledge would be the nature we assign to Saturn, and another would be the nature we assign to the sign Sagittarius. The mental process, as we combine the two, is a matter of synthesis, which is not factual. Synthesis is what the human mind imagines is a truth that forms from blending two sets of knowledge. As interesting as this may be for suggesting a truth it is not as valuable as knowing the choices we have when Saturn is in Sagittarius.

We do not make better choices by logic alone
It doesn't help us make better choices by eliminating emotional issues, instead we make better choices by knowing more and being aware of more. There is more to life than logic, but we know that when order is applied by logic the predictability is a comfort and it provides a sense of relief from chaos. However, when you add up sources of information that are logical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and intuitive, then we can be aware of an even bigger picture of life. And the challenge then is to be comfortable about not knowing everything. It will be our conscious focus on expanding our awareness that will enable us to understand more about life and the cosmos. The best things in life are free
When it is said that the best things in life are free I count the ability to make choices as being one of the best free things in life along with awareness, attitude, beliefs and living out intellectual/emotional expression. These are the powerful capabilities we have that are not all logical but they shape our life beyond a measurable cause and effect reality. And each of these abilities contributes both hope and mystery to the meaning of life.

The real value in astrology is the knowledge it provides about the different choices you have instead of predicting one for you. Only the sky map made up of signs and planets are predictable through their motion, but not what that motion means in our life because that is your choice to make. It is a choice within certain parameters, but a choice just the same. Those parameters and choices can be explained by the planets and signs as they occur in our lives as changes beyond our control take place.

Psychology and choices
Carl Gustav Jung has changed modern thinking in a number of sciences including anthropology, philosophy, archeology, and religious studies. He had this to say about astrology:

"Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious." - Carl G. Jung

A choice point is any moment in time
A choice point is a moment of convenience or a moment of conflict, and everything in between, but it is always a moment when we make a choice. We want to feel good about our choices but we don't always feel certain about the choices we have made when we don't clearly understand the choices we have.

The Story of Saturn in Sagittarius
January 1st 2015 Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius and for the next 2 ½ years that it takes for Saturn to complete its journey through this zodiac sign there will be a consistent theme along with a set of choices. They are your choices to make, or to ignore.

Any of us can go through life without asking any questions. We might think we already have answers, or we look for answers from others without asking questions of ourselves. And then there are good question and poor questions. What we really want is to have a few really good question.

In the following series of e-books about Saturn's travels through Sagittarius we will look at a single question, and that question is... "What are the choices that Saturn in Sagittarius represent?"

Life is not fated because we have free will and we have choices, but if we don't know what the choices are for ourselves then we'll have to accept the one choice that is given to us - and that is what we already know from experience.

To experience a new positive choice we need a few to choose from. Some choices give short term results and others provide long term results, but they are always your choices.

Saturn in Sagittarius bring up choices that have to do with the beliefs you hold about freedom, on one hand, and on the other there is the questions of logical control that you have in your life. These two influences and how they come together to form choice-points over the next 2 ½ years will reveal some surprising choices that allows you to shape your future.

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