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Astrology Readings For The Sexes

Is It A Boy, Boy, or Is It A Girl?
Astrology allows for the differences in the sexes. There are masculine planets & signs and feminine planets & signs. It is pointed out that certain common parts of the body are ruled either by Sun or Moon depending on the person's sex. Most astrologers, in my opinion, do not realize that there are some very real differences in the sexes and that these differences can affect what your client hears and how your client understands what they do hear. Let me start by explaining the differences between the sexes.
Men think in boxes and women think in doilies.

Logical, reasonable with sharp edges and definition

Male energy:
Men think in boxes because they capture a static image or perceive a concept in mental images that appear to them as three dimensional forms. They are skilled at taking those box like images and constructing a building or manufacturing anything from mechanical power tools to rocket ships. They are adept at putting those parts and pieces (boxes) together. Their methods are very simple and uncomplicated, and are often misunderstood by women who see them as being simple minded. Of course these women are correct so long as they don't equate "simple minded" with being stupid.

A man runs his energy at a slower vibration than do women. This is reflected in the lower octave of his voice and the larger heavier body. Men also have an added feature to their energy system, which is known as the "male grounding". During the second world war the British discovered that they needed to include a certain percentage of men in the subway bomb shelters or the women tended to become hysterical. This is not to say that women cannot be grounded firmly, but it is a natural feature of male energy, and therefore more natural for men.

Hammer & Saw
What captures a man's attention is usually a visual image, and it is through visual perception that men excel in such field as architecture and mechanics. The touch or feel of an object is of lesser importance to a man. A man will purchase a car for the status symbol or the thrill of speed, or for the practical utility value. Men like trucks because they can haul a bunch of tools around. To buy a man a power tool and wrap it up for a birthday or Christmas present is perfectly acceptable. Try buying a woman a slow cooker for Christmas and see what happens!

Smooth & convoluted with no corners

Female energy:
Women think in doilies, which is to say that their method of applying their imagination is to start from the center and work outward. A woman's energy does not know any bounds, and is certainly not contained within a box like structure. Women simply add another extension to the doily, making it larger and larger as they incorporate more intricate and complicated patterns to their creativity. Women own bodies that contain creative machinery. Their very natures are to be creative and they run their energy at a higher level as part of their physiology in that they need to run enough energy for two in the process of pregnancy and childbirth.

It is a common feature that women can manage more than one thing at a time (complicated) as opposed to men that prefer to keep things simple. For instance, women can have a conversation on the phone, a guest over for lunch, have the TV going and still keep an eye on the kids without missing anything important from the other simultaneous communications. A man would go crazy in this energy set and this is why many mothers don't really trust their husbands to look after the kids if the man has anything else on his plate (do you blame them?).

Women thrive on shopping where they can compare colours and textures, find the right fragrance or style that compliments the overall setting. They have skills in creating the ambience of a room taking in all of the features in conjunction with art and design. Men may be more suited to constructing the room while women are better at making it habitable.

Busy verses simple
It is much more common to find a woman in the larger company of men than it is to find a man in the larger company of women. Putting any sexual bias to the side, the simple male energy set is comfortable for women, perhaps much like a holiday or rest period, whereas the busy active energy set of a group of women can be overwhelming to a man.

Male client
When your client is a man you may want to consider directing your reading in simple ways and not bring in to many angles or themes to one scenario. A call to action is more suitable for your male client as they will want to know what actions are available to them. I am not suggesting that you tell your male client what to do, but rather list a number of appropriate actions as informative of examples.

Female Astrologer - Male client
If the astrologer is a woman and the client a man it will help if the astrologer separates herself from the male issues. The female astrologer will be of greater service if she avoids trying to fix his problem, because in truth, she doesn't really understand it. Even if the male client came to a female astrologer for the purpose of being mothered or fixed it is still, and always, a dangerous game to play.

The female astrologer has an opportunity to allow her male client to work out his issues with women. Can you, as a member of the opposite sex, simply be there with your client and not interfere or form judgments? A female astrologer provides a great opportunity to work out gender bias with their male clients by being neutral and without a judgment about his healing process.

Oh, but you say that receiving advice is what the client came for! But you're wrong. The client came to have their own experiences validated without judgment. Life's experiences often leave us bewildered, and a simple validation for the timing and the shifting of astrological phenomena is really all that's required. On the other hand, offering advice is just another way of saying that they could have handled things better… they could have done things your way instead.

Female to Female
If the astrologer and client are both female there can be a greater rapport and understanding of the female issues. The male/female relationship issues that vex a woman cannot so easily be healed by another woman because she does not bring up those issues in the same way as a male body would.

Male Astrologer - Female client
When the astrologer is a man and his client is a woman the astrologer may want to consider the fact that he is not going to understand the complexity of her issues. The astrologer may need to exercise patience as well as refraining from offering choices for action. A woman dealing with profound issues in her life needs time to 'feel' things through and she is far less prone to impulsive acts that a man may exhibit. As a rule, women are far more committed than are men, and it is this level of commitment that holds then in situations or relationships well past where a man would bail out. This has nothing to do with any perceived sense of weakness, and a male astrologer would be wise to learn that lesson well. It is also this level of commitment that enables women to act instantly and with certainty when their causes and commitments are challenged.

Shoot the Women First
The term weaker sex is a misnomer and one that can be a deadly mistake as revealed in a book called "Shoot the Women First" written by Colleen McDonald. The topic was about women terrorists and the title comes from the first lesson anti-terrorist police are taught in their training. They are taught that it is the women that are far more dangerous than men are and that women are more committed to the cause and will not hesitate to kill when confronted by opposition. If the anti-terrorist police officer gave the weaker sex a chance, or believed that negotiations could be carried out it would be his/her last mistake in judgement, as a woman is far more likely to pull the trigger or push the detonator than is the man.

Healing around relationships
The astrologer, whether male or female, can help or hinder the healing process between the sexes. As is often the case a client will seek out a reading because they are experiencing difficulties around relationships and this is true whether they are in a relationship at the time or not. The differences between the sexes and the potency of your role to heal or hinder is a huge one. When you are dealing with the opposite sex it may seem ironic, but hindering is more apt to take place the more you want to offer advice and "fix things" for them. The greatest healing comes through minding your own business and simply letting your body be an instrument to reflect your clients issues back at them for them to see. After all, it is their issue and you're not likely to understand those issues anyway.