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Spiritual Awareness & Exploring Meditation Classes

Change our hearts, change our planet.

Welcome to Soularsystem

Dive into energy awareness tools and become more truly 'the love that YOU are.'
  1. All are welcome to Class 1
    This is an incredibly rewarding experience.
  2. Welcome to The 40 Days This hour-long daily guided meditation, that lasts for 40 consecutive days, is guaranteed to change hearts.
  3. Deepen your Spiritual Practice by dropping in to a class (or two) for a day while enrolled in a 6 week long class. Choose from any of the Weekly Classes

Cheryl's 1 hour Energy and Astrology Readings $100.00,
with Cheryl and Ed $150.00

Host a Reading Party! Each guest receives a 15 minute reading for $20.00.

Questions? Skype or Face Time with a question. Spontaneity is how we roll. E-transfer or Paypal donations accepted.

Moving? We will clear out the old energy and with your permission create a new energy set and teach you how to maintain the new energy set. $100.00

The energy can be read for any situation. An interview, an employee, a meeting, buying a house... We offer an honest appraisal of any major life decision.

Remember what John and Paul said - "All you need is Love. Love is all you need."

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Ed and Cheryl have practiced astrology since the early 70's. We often include astrology in our readings. We do not give advice or predict future events, we simply validate you in present time and provide some of the myriad of options available to you.

So come on in, have a look around ~ take what you like and leave the rest.

Dear Cheryl,
2010 has been a year of tremendous growth for me and I feel that I have you to thank in part.

I'm a skeptic. I find intangible things hard to believe or comprehend. I did not think or really understand what meditation meant. Yes, I knew that people found it relaxing, calming and centering, but for me it has been so much - Read More

Dear Cheryl,
I've been thinking about you a lot lately and wanted to drop you a line. I can't thank you enough for helping me to change my life. I am very proud to say - Read More